A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article on the upcoming Interpol album, the release date of which is September  9, but I’m sure you’ve already marked your calendars and you don’t need me to remind you. Anyways, since then, the band has been actively giving us sneak peeks of the album in the form of live performances. Videos of Interpol performing songs such as “Anywhere” and “My Desire” at concerts across the world have been circulating the internet creating what can only be described as (unadulterated anticipation) for studio quality tracks.

Interpol 1


Finally that wait is over. On July 11, Interpol released their first official single for the upcoming Pintor, titled, “All the Rage Back Home.” The song was accompanied by a music video, which was actually directed by the band’s frontman, Paul Banks. I had previously heard the track, but only from a cell phone video, which as you could imagine, did not do the song any justice. Once the video started, I immediately felt like I was right back in 2004, at the beginning of the indie rock craze that Interpol helped to create.

Interpol 3


For any longtime Interpol fans out there, you will be happily pleased with the sound and feel of the song. Paul Banks’ haunting vocals are perfectly set against lead guitarist Daniel Kessler’s soaring riffs. Lyrically, the song is exactly what you would hope for from Interpol — Cryptic phrases that perfectly encapsulate the complications of this little thing we call life. The video itself is simple, yet fitting. Shot in black and white, it cuts between shots of the band playing the song, in their notorious black suits of course, and a lone surfer. This could possibly be a metaphor for the loneliness we sometimes feel in life, but, we’re not here to discuss philosophical interpretations.

So, to all my music lovers, I present to you the next song that you will be listening to on repeat.