I have been waiting a long, long time to share this artist with other people here at Void, and now I finally have a reason to. But first, let’s begin with a brief history about J. Tillman, better known as Father John Misty, or “The Father” as he is called by his fans.

Tillman is most well-known for his work as the drummer for the incredibly talented group Fleet Foxes who produced two full-length albums and two EPs since forming in Seattle in early 2006. Shortly after the 2011 release of the critically acclaimed album Helplessness Blues, Tillman decided to return to his solo work  and begin creating another album.  Last year,  J. Tillman, released his first solo album Fear Fun under his new name Father John Misty.

Father John 1

The Father has been in the indie music scene for quite a long time, and the music he has released so far is unlike anything I have heard in recent years. His sound is an enthralling mixture of folk and psychedelic-rock. Tillman’s powerful, yet whimsical lyrics can evoke feelings that are both care-free and fun, and sad or serious. These are just a few of the few reasons Tillman’s music first stood out to me when I discovered him years ago via Fleet Foxes.

Father John Cover

The album cover for Fear Fun

The reason I finally am able to share this artist with everyone is that he has just released a new music video for one of my favorite tracks on Fear Fun. Tillman’s new video is for the track titled “I’m Writing a Novel”, which describes Father John Misty’s various exploits during life on the road. The video is nothing amazing, but it portrays Tillman in various shots on tour and him goofing off in between shows. In the video directed by Noel Paul, clips are shown of Tillman dancing, smoking cigarettes, buying a hearse, shooting guns, performing at various shows, and traveling from place to place.

Check out the video below via YouTube.