How can a song that begins so chaotic, turn into something so beautiful? “I Hear Music”, a new single released by Canadian artist Airick Woodhead, or Doldrums, starts off with a glitchy 8-bit synth, not far off from Kanye West’s “On Sight”. The dissonance is quickly resolved by a whimsical melody that gently lulls you along. The song gradually builds into a hypnotizing rhythm layered with a percussion line that makes you feel as if you have just woken up on a tropical beach. Right when you think he is done building the enticing dreamscape however, Woodhead’s otherworldly vocals come in and begin to narrate an even more fantastical environment, progressing the song further. Just as you begin to get comfortable, the song takes a turn, and that feeling of a dream turning on you creeps into your conscious. Woodhead completely switches up the vibe of the song creating a soundscape of complete angst in the listener’s head. Some songs you listen to, other songs, you feel. This is exactly Woodhead’s goal. They paint a picture in your mind, and draw out a certain emotion. This is one of those songs. It steals your imagination and paints a vivid picture in your head. The best part about this dream is the fact that you will be able to see it live at Freebird in just a short few weeks. Doldrums will be opening up for Sleigh Bells on October 30th, for what I’m sure will be an enthralling show. Be sure to look out for Void’s coverage of the show…and for me dancing my ass of in the front row somewhere.