A few weeks ago Broken Bells released a teaser video for their upcoming album After The Disco. It was just a snippet of a song but it was enough to get Broken Bells’ fans excited. Early last week, they offered even more material to eager fans. From what I have heard so far, all I can say is, keep it coming guys. BB released their new song “Holding On For Life”, which was featured in the teaser and it doesn’t disappoint. As soon as the song starts, you feel like you’re in some sort of sci-fi western. An alien synth sets the tone of a song that only Broken Bells could pull off. Mercer’s signature falsetto is back in action accompanied by a groovy bass line. Mergers voice and lyrics are an integral aspect of Broken Bells, as it helps give them their sound and makes them who they are. That being said, I think people forget how important Danger Mouse is to the group. If it wasn’t for him, the songs would not be composed into the masterpieces that they are. Danger Mouse is able to combine retro sounds with pop melodies on “Holding On For Life” to not only bring the old sound of Broken Bells to the table, but also take the group in a new direction.


Broken Bells has also just released a short movie, written by Danger Mouse himself and directed by Jacob Gentry. The short features actors Kate Mara and Anton Yelchin. It seems that these videos are going to be continuously released up until the albums release date of January. These shorts are going to be a great way for the group to preview the tracks in a more creative manner. Rather than just drop them on Soundcloud or something similar to that, they are essentially creating a “movie” and using the songs off the album as a soundtrack. The movie features what I could only assume to be snippets of songs of the new album. Each snippet is put into the perfect scene to reflect the emotion and the vibe of each song. The music industry right now is all about promotion, and Broken Bells are taking advantage of it. Building a whole story behind After the Disco, and making it more than just another CD. Now fans will want more than just new songs, they’ll want the next chapter in the movie that will be After the Disco.

Watch the video below from BB’s Vevo.