“Day’s Work” is not exactly a new song, but in spirit of our upcoming party tomorrow night at Landshark Cafe, I’ve decided to share one of my favorite tracks from ASG’s latest album titled Blood Drive…oh and did I mention they’ll be performing at the party alongside TJ Hookers, What About Me, and Hurricane Gun?

ASG is a hard band to pin a genre to. Since first forming back in 2001, the band has been called southern rock, punk rock, alternative metal, and with Blood Drive, stoner rock. The North Carolina natives have continued to alter and develop their unique style of rock, centered around Jason Shi’s distinctive voice that sets apart ASG from similar metal bands. The band made the switch to Relapse Records out of Philly two years ago, and Blood Drive is their first album on the new label. Additionally, the 12-track album was produced by Matt Hyde, a Grammy-winning producer who has worked with the quartet before. The album is packed with the heavy, revved up atmosphere you’d expect from ASG, but there’s also a ton of emotion in the lyrics that really distinguishes them from the competition.

Watch the video below to hear “Day’s Work” and visit the group’s bandcamp here to download their music. Be sure to watch them perform Saturday night at Landshark Cafe.