What happens when you mix Haitian voodoo music with Studio 54 disco? You get The Arcade Fire’s new single “Reflektor”.


The song opens up with a percussion and bass line that has enough funk to get any listeners head bobbing. Then, just as you get comfortable with how the track is playing out, Win Butler’s vocals seem to appear out of no where setting the mood for a song that takes the listener on a completely new adventure. As Butler’s initial part of the verse finishes, his wife chimes in with a line in French… In most cases I would have turned the song off right there, mainly being that I don’t speak French, but for some strange reason, her haunting vocals coax you along. The first verse is rapped by one of the most well written lyrics I have heard in a long time. “If this is heaven I don’t know what it’s for.” That feeling of, I’d rather have it with you, or not at all. This is something that every Arcade Fire fan can relate to. As if the song wasn’t already amazing with just the first verse, it gets even better at the bridge. There is a backup vocal from none other than David Bowie himself. The way that Bowie and Butler’s vocals compliment each other and weave themselves into one is enough to get any Ziggy Stardust fan excited. The song wraps up with a glorious conclusion set by a piano arpeggio and finishing with a crescendo that could make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up straight. One quality Arcade Fire has that will always set them apart from the competition in my mind is their ability to reinvent themselves, while still keeping the essence that makes them just so damn awesome. With lyrics that conjure memories of lost love, distant memories, and hard times, any listener is sure to see a bit of themselves in the band’s new single “Reflektor”.