Logan Bowles played an integral role in defining Void’s visual aesthetic during the mag’s formative years. If he wasn’t shooting cover photos—the like the famed Shad Khan one—or various editorial spreads, he was assigning and directing the shoots.

Void Issue 46. Cover shot by Logan Bowles.

A naturally gifted lensman, Logan wasn’t long for Void’s world—he’s now an in-demand photographer for essentially every professional sports league on the planet.

Once Void’s most called upon photographer, Bowles is now one of the NFL’s most in-demand lensman. Photo: Brian Blanco

“The biggest accomplishment for me was being a part of the team that helped grow the brand from the bottom,” he told us about his time with Void. “There were a lot of haters back in the early days and sometimes they were right. That pushed all of us to be better in our respected roles. We knew that we would have to work harder than the rest for people to take this magazine serious, to prove that we weren’t all just bunch of drunk surfer dudes.”