It’s been a tough summer for surf in Northeast Florida (see: here & here). As the weeks of flat to nearly flat surf have been piling up, the diehards continue to holdout hope that just beyond the margins of that long-range swell forecast, a little tropical pulse awaits. And as July wore on, we were (optimistically) banking on a window of contestable waves for our annual Void Pro/Am Surf Contest.

Alas, the flat spell of 2019 continues. And the powers that be here at Void HQ have made a call.


Let’s hear it from Void Prez, Tye Wallace:

We’ve had to make the hard call to postpone the Void Pro/Am due to lack of contestable conditions. We’ve been studying the charts non-stop, but in the end, we need ridable surf in order to hold the contest.

Never fear surfers and surf fans: We’ve had a backup date all along! This ain’t our first rodeo, errr… surf contest). Back to Tye:

We are fortunate enough to have backup dates of August 24 and 25 which are closer to the peak of hurricane season. Statistically, July has been a below-average surf month when comparing year over year data. The good news is that August has historically proven to be an above-average month when comparing the same data. Stay tuned and pray for surf!

Pray for surf, indeed! See you in August.

Click here for more details on the Void Pro/Am.

*PLEASE NOTE: @cleanyour904‘s Beach Cleanup is still happening on Friday, July 26! Waves or no waves, our beaches still need some T.L.C.