Eighty degree weather in December, fun swells for two weeks straight, Jags in the playoff hunt, we must be dreaming right? It has been a fun run of swells over the last two weeks with some excellent quasi winter days! The weather pattern is about to shift out of our favor here for a little bit in North Florida, and our next little taste of winter weather is on the way …

Picture 1

Winter storm Echo is stacking up over the west to midwest this week and looks to bring record cold temps and snowfall to the regions. The remnants of our last frontal boundary is lingering over the northeast and fading away. Stuck right in the middle of it all is a big high-pressure system that will settle in over the course of the week bringing a push of cold winds from the wrong direction. Now would be a great time to get into the 12 Days of Christmas shopping action and snag a new suit before they are all gone!

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If you’re looking to warm up and have the time, the elephants will be marching bye us as a surge of swell is going to get pushed down the Gulf Stream past the cape in a couple of days that could send our friends from the other country in Miami their first taste of waves this winter! Until then, hunker down, get some shopping done, and we’ll be back online for a weekend update as things may change after the game on Sunday … GO JAGS!


SURF: *2-3ft*
WIND: light SW less than 5 early turning light NNE the rest of the day


SURF: 1-2ft
WIND: NE winds moderate and light all day at 5 or less


SURF: 1-2ft
WIND: S to SW winds 5-10+ all day


SURF: 1ft
WIND: NW winds 5-10 with gusts up to 15 all day