Brrrrrrrrrr! It has been chilly willy over the last few days, and the surf has gotten beat down a bit by the winds. Our latest front goes crawling away into the weekend as another named winter storm. Jonas will wreak some havoc upon the mid-atlantic to the northeast with record snowfall expected! In the way of surf, we’ll see a small burst of windswell and groundswell mix into tomorrow until we hit a lull and catch the tail end of the front moving along sending us only some wind-slop, suck-up waves come Friday …


One thing we know for certain is this storm will pack a punch up north, but will be out of our swell window to send us anything worth having hopes for later in the week. The trend continues for now, a blast of chill for a few days, warmup, rain, then another blast of chill behind it. Into the weekend, it will be blowing and cold, but unfortunately, just blowing the wrong direction most of the time. We may see some life begin to show in the ocean towards the middle of next week, but until then, we’ll have to hunker down, get a desperation session or two in by Friday, then pack it in for the weekend until further notice!


SURF: 1-2ft
WIND: WNW winds 5-10 all day


SURF: *1-3ft*
WIND: NE winds 5-10 most of the day with variable winds in PM less than 5


SURF: 1-2ft
WIND: light SW winds in AM turning SE 5-10 in PM


SURF: 1-2ft
WIND: S to SW winds 5-10+ all day