By Jesse Wilson & Emily Simpson | Contributors

Jacksonville is a city booming with new local spots, a lively culture and an influx of young entrepreneurs who are ready to mingle. This past year, the dating scene has been painted with the complexities of social media and sites that highlight the key questions we have about each other. The one question that always seems to be asked is: are they single? Well, here is a list of just a few bachelors and bachelorettes that have really caught the eye of many in Jacksonville this year.

Eligible Bachelors


Bryan Crowder – 31

He is known around town as, “the attractive, bearded bartender at Ice Plant.” Women gather to watch him pour specialty drinks and swoon over his cocktails. He has graced St. Augustine for 11 years, but attended school in Pensacola. The Ice Plant is his favorite bar, so don’t worry, ladies, he will be around to serve for a while. When he isn’t making sure our thirst is quenched, he spends his time surfing and searching antique stores for “tiki relics.”


Jack Twachtman – 32

Jack is a Navy vet who hails from Houston and owns the newest popular hang out in Jacksonville, Brew Five Points. If that isn’t enough to justify why he is a catch, there is a list of accomplishments that places him in the ranks. Jack has a creative mind and the ambition to solidify ideas. He is also co-owner of Burro Bags and Burro Bar. When he isn’t making sure his businesses are running smoothly, Jack plays drums for the local band Fjord Explorer and hangs out with his pup Demian. His beard and tattoos are just the icing on the cake.


Blake Bortles – 22

Let the women rejoice, Blake is a bachelor. This 6’5” dreamboat is our favorite rookie quarterback. He grew up in Oviedo, Florida where he played football and baseball. He was a star for the University of Central Florida, and was drafted during the first round by our very own Jaguars. He is athletic, nice and nice to look at. When all is said and done, every woman around should be saying, “I like Bortles.”

Lil Duval

Lil Duval – 37

Roland Powell is a local celebrity who keeps everyone laughing. He was born and raised in Jacksonville, hence the homage to his hometown hidden in his stage name. He got his start doing stand up in Atlanta and was recognized in 2001, by the stage manager of Cedric the Entertainer. The rest is history. He has starred in MTV2’s “Guy Code,” and his own series called, “Ain’t That America.” Who doesn’t want a man who loves this city? Downtown Jacksonville state of mind.


DJ Nick Fresh – 31

This classically trained musician started DJing at the mere age of 7, walking in the footsteps of his mother. Nick is a smooth talking gentlemen that has played in nearly every club in the city, and is a local celebrity in all the right ways. When he’s not behind the turntables, he collects records and old TV shows. And just when you think he can’t get any more amazing, Nick is a chief historian and creative consultant for the iconic music television show, “Soul Train.” NickFRESH is by far the freshest dude you’ll ever meet.

Eligible Bachelorettes 


Blythe Brumleve – 31

This fireball knows sports better than any dude around, specifically Jaguars football. She’ll also pound a fireball and circle up with you in a minute. She is the founder and editor of GuysGirl, a sports and entertainment media company curated by women. Blythe also co-hosts a weekly radio show on 1010XL that is all about the Jags. It’s not always about sports with her though. She’ll dress up like a Ninja Turtle and cram a large pizza at a cosplay convention with you any day. Oh, she also happens to be our former editor!


Tay Scheibe – 24

This badass over here not only beat a form of cancer known as non-Hodgkins lymphoma at the age of 10, but went on to start her own charity known as WithLove. Her efforts aim to give children fighting cancer the ability to simply be — kids. She hosts toy drives throughout the year and often partners with the Jaguars to give the kids a good time. Tay was recently named a top 30 under 30 in Jacksonville and let’s just say we think she’s pretty easy on the eyes.


Julie Watkins – 39

Today’s forecast calls for a bit of renegade. Until last year, Julie was a meteorologist on Action News. She walked away from several years in the newsroom to focus on her foundation known as The Girls Gone Green. The group is devoted to heightening people’s awareness about how to improve their quality of life and the world around us.  The group hosts the annual Veg Fest in Riverside Park, a day packed with the best local, sustainable and eco-friendly organizations around. This vegan is a pistol.


Diana Johnson – 35

Coming in at an estimated 5’4” Diana is a captivating powerhouse. Her career as an attorney began at the Guardian ad Litem program where she assisted in obtaining the necessary tools to succeed for youth aging out of foster care. She went on to work with the Public Defender in Tallahassee, until recently, when she and a partner launched their own law firm, Johnson and Lufrano. P.A. Diana’s biggest draws is her will to fight against injustice or inequality and her taste in music.


Emily Simpson – 21

Alright, it might seem a little sleazy to write about one of our writers, but this chick is too much of a knockout to leave off the list. Yes she likes drinking pina coladas and hell yeah she wants to get caught up in some rain. Emily can usually be found in a handful of places: at Knead Bakeshop covered in flour, crafting an elegant latte at Brew Five Points, or brightening her mind at Chamblin’s Bookmine. She may be just 21, but she’s wise beyond her years. Anyone who spends five minutes with her leaves wondering what celestial phenomenon they just experienced. Home girl is going places.