In the last couple of years, North Florida has been on the brink of many creative foundations, especially when it comes to the arts. There’s been a momentum for local collectors and artists alike, amongst a series of different events sparking a creative wave and making a statement both nationally and internationally.

This statement was noticed by many, including worldwide renowned artist Javier Martin. Martin has made a name for himself in the art community around the globe, and now, he’s coming to the River City to present his first show of 2017. Based in Miami, Martin utilizes neon lights to accent photographs with a main focus of loss sense of sight, blindness. Therefore, enforcing a heavier feature on all the other senses, a feature that has captivated platforms from Vogue Magazine to Forbes.


Martin is recognized as a multidisciplinary artist whose creativity manifests based on observations of his surroundings. Conjunctionally filled with deep meaning and political messages, his art drives art enthusiasts to reflect on their social responsibility and conscientious behavior. Although having no formal artistic training or schooling, by the age of nine the Spanish-born artist had already had his first solo show, surpassing what most artist reach in their adult careers. Opting to learn directly from personal experiences and his constant travels around the world, his work is a true manifestation of being a one-of-kind visual artist.


Martin’s presence in North Florida depicts the growing spotlight we currently have in the area and embraces a collective effort for the cultural development of the city. Martin’s work will be displayed at Wall Street Fine Art in downtown Jacksonville. For more information regarding Martin’s work please visit