Virginia may be for lovers, but Virginia Beach is defiantly for surfers. This past week, North Florida surfers made their presence known on the Virginia coast by dominating the East Coast Surfing Championships.

Our very own Justin Quintal took not one, but two divisions (Pro Longboard and Joel Tudor Duct Tape) racking up $5,000 in winnings. “I had every intention of winning that thing,” Justin said.
While Justin was crusin’ on his longboard, Cody Thompson took a slightly different approach and boosted his way to winning the Billabong All Out Air.

The boys weren’t the only ones gathering winnings. Kayla Durden put on a show-stopping performance in the highly competitive Junior Women’s division power turning her way through heats to take the win. Kayla says that she secured the win by executing big, vertical turns that she’s been practicing. Another stand-out was Piper Austin, who after breaking her board while practicing and having to surf an unfamiliar board, placed 2nd in Girls, missing out on the win by only a point.

Well done NFL rippers, you make VOID proud.