Batten down the hatches! Winter Storm Helena is closing in on our regions as we speak and into the weekend! We will have freezing temps and full nor’easter conditions as she makes her pass, and for those of you that are core there will be some surf that will pack a cold punch so make sure to dust off the booties, layers and head gear! For those of you who haven’t geared up yet for storms like this I’d suggest you get into your favorite local surf shop first thing tomorrow for some boots and gloves while they last, and if you were looking for an excuse to get out of dodge and chase the elephants marching down the coast to warmer waters, this could be the first winter swell to do so! This winter storm Helena is going to wreak some havoc upon the east cost over the next couple of days behind a front that stretches all the way from Mexico to Newfoundland! Some forecasts are calling for possible snow flurries on the First Coast but nothing like the storm of 1989! We should have building could, and windy surf tomorrow with some overhead waves pounding in on Sunday through Monday until it mellows out… These conditions can shift rapidly so make the call to stay here and bare the elements, or head south for slightly warmer and bigger pastures!

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From our local forecasters at News4Jax:

Heavy rains will impact ALL of NEFL and SEGA until about 12 midnight, followed by a second round late tonight!

Cold comes later!

Saturday morning will start off mild for many, especially along the beaches to St. Augustine as temperatures maybe as mild as 60°, but that won’t last long! Cold air will plunge temperatures into the 40s and then winds will build, gusting to 30 mph or more! This means wind chill temperatures will drop into the 20s and in Georgia into the teens! And this will all take place before 9 p.m. Saturday evening.

Hard freeze likely for Georgia and inland Florida as Sunday morning daybreak temperatures will be at or below 27° and be there for 3-5 hours. Downtown Jacksonville will see Sunday morning temperatures around 32° and the beaches will remain at or above freezing.



SURF: 1-2ft
WIND: E to ESE winds 5-10 all day


SURF: 1-2ft
WIND: NW winds 10-15 in AM increasing to 15-20 in PM


SURF: *5-7ft*
WIND: N winds 15-20+ all day


SURF: *4-6ft*
WIND: NE winds 5-10 all day


SURF: *2-3ft*
WIND: W to SW winds 5-10+ all day


SURF: *2-4ft*
WIND: light SW winds all day less than 5


SURF: *2-3ft*
WIND: winds light and variable all day less than 5 from SSE