This excerpt is directly from the petition “causes” page:

“There is a bill on the table right now in Jacksonville, Florida to put an end to all 12 ticketed concerts at Metropolitan Park. This bill is being pushed by City Councilman Don Redman of District 4. Mr Redman’s District includes Metropolitan Park and the St Nicholas region on the South Bank. After speaking with Mr. Redman’s office, I was told that the basis of this motion was on the grounds of noise complaints from residents on the South Bank. All concerts at Met Park are well within noise ordinance restrictions. These events do not produce anymore noise pollution than a Sunday Jaguars game at Everbank Field, which is located directly across the street. In the event that this bill is passed, it will have an economic impact on the city directly and indirectly. This would take work away from Local Food and Beverage vendors, Stage and Theatre Employees, JSO, Jacksonville Fire and Rescue, Local Security Individuals, Parking Attendants and take away the exposure of Local Artists and Musicians.
I am a proud native resident to Jacksonville, FL and would love nothing more than to see our city grow culturally and economically. That is why I urge all of you to sign this petition, and to research what kind of a person Don Redman really is.
To show solidarity on this matter, you may also email all 14 city council members. Just copy and paste the emails listed below. Please make sure that your remarks are educated and concise.,,,

Thank You,
Les Targonski”

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