A woman will now do something that many believed would never happen — coach men in the game of football. She didn’t get a job with a high school team or pee wee league, Jen Welter has been hired by the Arizona Cardinals.

Welter’s official position with the team is assistant coaching intern for training camp and preseason. Welter will be coaching the inside linebackers.

This is the first time a female has coached for an NFL team in any capacity. Welter played linebacker for 14 seasons in a woman’s professional league and coached for an indoor men’s league earlier this year.

This is the second time in the last month that a woman has made headlines in men’s sports leagues.

Becky Hammon was a hot topic, when she led the San Antonio Spurs Summer League team to the championship as head coach. That started all the talking heads on television and radio to ask the question, “When will a woman coach for an NFL team?”

It was only a couple weeks after Hammon’s story broke that Arizona Cardinals Head Coach, Bruce Arians, made the hire and brought Welter into uncharted territory for a female.

Although they are both professional sports leagues, the NBA and the NFL could not be more different. Basketball is played at a super high level by men and women in both college and pro. Therefore, women have experienced what it is like to play at that level. In football, you don’t have that. There is no relevant women’s leagues, and they do not play at a college level.

Professional athletes like to know that the person coaching them has been where they are and been through what the player is currently going through. That is possible to get when a female coaches an NBA player, but, because women’s football lacks the exposure and relevant leagues, it could be a tough job for women coaches to gain respect from football players, though we gotta say the NFL could use a lot more of this. The Arizona Cardinals just became the willing guinea pig in a very important experiment.