If you’re reading this, it pains me to say, we are not yet living as we once did. How do I know? Well, this is a digital issue, for one. We still can’t print our mag. And, small in relation to the health and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic as it may be, for us… this sucks.

Wait, wait. Where you goin’? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to dump on you. I’m done with the negativity. I promise. OK? We good? 

Truly, the issue we’ve put together for May–our second, and hopefully last, foray into a digital-only product–is packed with positivity; intentionally so, as we deliberately reached out to folks we were certain could brighten our day. The people we checked in with on the pages that follow–from small business owners deeply embedded in their communities and local culinary icons to artists and musicians whose need to create long ago proved unshakable–were specifically targeted for their uninhibited optimism. As much as we were interested in how they might be adapting, staying productive, helping others, perhaps selfishly, we simply needed the boost.

What we found was enough silver lining to overwhelm a sky full of dark clouds. From the works submitted to us by local artists for our “Group Show” (p. 36) to the surf shorts (“Quarantine Watch List” p. 18) and digital music releases (“Music is Not Cancelled” p. 14) locals have been dropping at a record clip, it’s clear our region remains remarkably resilient and unwaveringly creative. 

We knew that. But still thought it’d be nice to check in. 

A few housekeeping notes: We’re chomping at the bit to get back to print. However, with the businesses that support us–and help us bring you a FREE mag every month–struggling during the economic shutdown, we’ll need your help more than ever. Our goal is to have a new print edition of Void in your hands in July. We’ll be in touch.

Viva La Void,

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