Let’s be real. Connecting flights are a pain. Sure, there are exceptions like when you have an entire day to kill in a place like San Diego or Chicago. But usually, there’s either a lot of waiting or a lot of rushing, and sometimes it’s both. Even worse, you can do all of that only to miss your flight anyway. Bummer.

For those of us who know that struggle all too well — rejoice! The list of non-stop flights departing from Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) just got longer.


New for Non-Stop

Connecting flights are often an unwanted part of many travelers’ itineraries. Until recently, traveling to nearby New Orleans from JAX took an average of four hours after a connection in Atlanta. That doesn’t even include delays.

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) has been working diligently to respond to this. One of their goals is to establish JAX as the primary airport for local travelers. Hopefully, this means more people will choose to fly out of JAX instead of neighboring airports like Orlando. As a result, JAA announced a new selection of non-stop flights.

The cities included are New Orleans, Memphis, Richmond, Indianapolis, Columbus and Asheville. Still underway is the return of Las Vegas flights, which will be available only through August as a response to summer travel. JAA’s efforts also extend to international destinations. Non-stop travel to Toronto and Nassau has recently launched as well.

This new lineup of non-stop flights does two things. For one, it establishes JAX as a competitive departure city. More flights equals more travelers. For many, it also means shorter travel durations. Less time in the air and more time to enjoy your destination as you please. So, that same trip to New Orleans that once took four hours can now be made in less than two — and for a fraction of the price. Oh, the miracle of non-stop.

Let’s take a closer look.


Then and Now

Below are example prices and travel times for some destinations with and without connections.

New Orleans, LA

With Connection $416 | 3h 52m
Non-Stop $82 | 1h 35m

Memphis, TN

With Connection $415 | 3h 18m
Non-Stop $144 | 1h 45m

Richmond, VA

With Connection $412 | 3h 50m
Non-Stop $123 | 1h 34m

Toronto, Canada

With Connection $579 | 5h 05m
Non-Stop $360 | 2h 40m

Nassau, Bahamas

With Connection $420 | 4h 10m
Non-Stop $264 | 2h 03m

The Summer Advantage

Another wonderful thing about these new non-stop flights is that they’ve come just in time for summer. Because, one, who doesn’t want a summer getaway and, two, airfare will be the cheapest it’s been in seven years.

This forecast was made by the researchers at Hopper, an application that helps users make smart travel choices by analyzing and predicting airfare prices. Hopper’s findings also suggest buying airfare 54 days beforehand. We think it’s just about time to start planning your next excursion.