Set for its debut in 2017, All Aboard Florida will begin service for its speedy new passenger train, set to run from Central to South Florida.

Named after its vivid color scheme, Brightline disclosed Monday it will feature yellow, green, red, orange and pink locomotives with reduced emissions engines and an “innovative” travel experience. The express train promises fast transit between routes, traveling 235-miles to connect Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando.

However, when it comes to whether the service will extend connections to Jacksonville, Brightline is noncommittal. Julie Edwards, the chief marketing officer said, for now, Brightline is, “solely focused on the [service] from Miami to Orlando.”

Although no immediate plans are in the works, it seems that the potential for a connection to Jacksonville isn’t completely lost.

Miami Today quoted Michael Reininger, president and chief development officer, stating that as soon as the trains are in service, Brightline will be looking for ways to expand. He goes on to say that Jacksonville has potential as it is on a railway route that All Aboard Florida controls, making it an easier city to expand to then Tampa or Tallahassee.

Brightline plans to target visitors to Florida by running directly to and from Disney World, which would serve about 100 million travelers annually. Reininger said that the company plans $3 billion in private investment and will generate $6 billion in economic impact in the first eight years, as well as providing over 2,000 permanent jobs.

Whether or not Jacksonville will see any of that, remains up in the air for now.