Mankind’s infatuation with canine companionship is nothing new. In fact, it was unabashed dog lover King Frederick of Prussia that first coined the phrase “man’s best friend” back in 1789. These three small words have since described a millenia-long bond between man and dog; a bond that has become increasingly strong with the passing of time. 

For modern-day dog owners, “man’s best friend” is a comrade to be included in every aspect of life. We buy fashionable outfits for our pups. We create social media accounts for our furry friends, proudly sharing images of our pets just as first-time parents would. And now, dog lovers can rejoice over the emergence of drinking establishments that are not only dog-friendly, but dog-centric. In this pup-friendly bar trend Neptune Beach’s own BrewHound Dog Park + Bar and Riverside’s Kanine Social are leading the pack. 


Just weeks ago, Lauren Wyckoff and Jason Underwood opened the doors (gates?) of BrewHound Dog Park + Bar.

“We were visiting Orlando and got to thinking, if you can bring your kid to a waterpark and have a drink, why can’t you go somewhere to have a beer with your dog?” reasons Wyckoff. “At the time, we hadn’t heard of anywhere where you could do that.”

The duo then set out to create a community-driven space filled with pups and local libations.

“Our main goal was to get people together enjoying something outdoors so that they can have a greater appreciation of the environment,” says Wyckoff, who, along with Underwood is a self-proclaimed outdoor enthusiast. “When people visit the park, they’re engaging and meeting with people, which is what it’s all about.”

Featuring lots of rustic decor, BrewHound offers its two-legged customers a rotating variety of local craft beers, wine on tap, and Bold Bean specialty coffee. Owners can sip and stroll with their furry friends in “The Yard,” BrewHound’s off-leash dog park with daily, monthly, and annual memberships available. 

Kanine Social

If you’re a dog-lover in search of a brew closer to downtown, College Street’s Kanine Social welcomes pups and owners alike to sit and stay for a cool beverage. Owners Daniel Moffatt and Dustin Fries opened Kanine in 2017, becoming Jax’s first boutique doggie daycare and private dog park to pair with a craft beer and coffee bar. 

“We first talked about the idea of opening a dog park and bar four or five years ago,” Moffatt explains. “We were always looking for a place where we could bring our dogs, enjoy a beer and watch a football game.”

Kanine’s taproom is open to the public, serving up beer on tap, wine, and ciders, while patron’s pups can avail themselves of some off-leash exercise. These amenities are paired with Kanine Social’s dog daycare. 

“Our concept allows them [patrons] the freedom to let their dogs run and play,” says Moffatt. “While enjoying a beer and having time to meet up with old friends or make new friends.” 

Though Kanine Social hasn’t been open to the public for quite a year yet, Moffatt and Fries have their eyes set toward opening a second location in the next 18-24 months.