If you’re ready to take your Neko Atsume obsession to the next level, here it is. A guy in South Korea feeds a group of stray cats in his village every day and livestreams the scene for anyone to enjoy the show. This dude has set up a fun little spot for his strays to hang out and eat, complete with toys and decorations. Each day, he catches fish for them and goes out of his way to make sure the cats get a fancy feast.

It’s a cute twist on the super weird Korean cultural phenomenon of meok-bang which is literally where you just watch livestreams of people eating. Koreans are weirdly fascinated with this trend, which sort of makes sense if you’ve ever been to Korea and observed the stuff that they think is normal.

Watching people eat is not entertaining, but watching cats eat is oddly relaxing. The cat feast is only available live in Korea right now, but you can watch videos of past streams on Youtube, of course.