Jacksonville has some great and well-known coffee joints, but what about the other hidden gems in the 904? Here is a comprehensive list of some great places to get your brew on:

 The Ugly Cupcake Muffinry and Cafe

This Jacksonville Beach cafe is located in a house built in the early 1900s. Their specialities include their freshly baked muffins, in addition to delish breakfast and lunch options. Not only is the food great, but their drink menu is filled with a plethora of different flavors to choose from. From a cold brew to a peanut butter latte, their coffee options will satisfy any caffeine addict. With a muffin and coffee in hand, The Ugly Cupcake Muffinry and Cafe is an adorable place to spend your morning.

Pura Bean Coffee Company

Pura Bean is a great spot located on Beach Boulevard. You can’t miss their orange VW bus in the front of the store. From a cold brew to a latte, Pura Bean roasts small-batch, artisan coffee that tastes amazing. They hand select their coffee beans from all around the world to ensure your cup of Joe is quality. Not only does Pura Bean have an eclectic and fun style, but they are also the perfect place for quality coffee.

Sippers Coffeehouse

Sippers Coffeehouse is a hidden gem located on Gate Parkway. Their quirky decor is warm and inviting. Their coffee is fantastic, in addition to their delicious, freshly baked goods. At the front counter, they have polaroid photos of their baristas for the day, encouraging you to introduce yourself.  The environment is cozy and makes a great spot for studying. From the friendly faces to the lattes, Sippers is a great place to chill with a chai latte.

Breezy Coffee Shop Cafe

Located in Jacksonville Beach, Breezy’s is an adorable place to get your morning started. Get a breakfast sandwich accompanied by an iced coffee and you’re all set. Also, instead of a traditional music setup, they have a huge vinyl selection and a record player to play music. Customers are welcome to spin whatever they want while they enjoy their breakfast. This old-school coffee shop is a great place to spin some tunes and sip on quality lattes.

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