Undeniably talented and influential, Khalil Osborne has been a mentor of sorts to many young Northeast Florida image-makers. In a recent profile in Void Magazine, 22-year-old Tenny Rudolph name-dropped Osborne as his spirit guide into the world of film photography. And certainly this regal, colorfully lit portrait of Osborne’s friend Temani Hill illuminates some of the wisdom Osborne’s imparted on Rudolph and other upstart local photogs.

Lens-person: Khalil Osborne || Shot with a Mamiya Rz67, 120 mm film, medium format

“Lately, I’ve derived a lot of inspiration for my photos from cinematography,” says Osborne of the direction of his images of late. “I watch a lot of movies and study the colors in the background and foreground.”
“In this image, Temani and I created a scene where we imagined a pop star on the downfall, enjoying her own space and her own time,” he continues, referencing the photo above. “The image welcomes us to get a sneak peek into that world.”
This feature originally appeared under the headline “A Neat Photo” in Void Magazine’s January 2020 issue.