Both the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors have to match-up with the San Antonio Spurs again in the regular season before the playoffs.  As the end of the season is nearing for all NBA teams, winning these four final ball games for the Spurs are not as detrimental to sealing a spot in the Western Conference standings.  Even if the Spurs lose, they are still playoff contenders — sealed in as the No. 2 seed.

However, with two home games left and each against their western conference rivals (Warriors and Thunder), it’s doubtful Gregg Popovich will sit his starters.  Nonetheless, they have an undefeated home record to defend.  To move forward, the ultimate goal now is to win the championship.  And with no doubt, Popovich will utilize the most effective plan possible in making this happen.  A prediction of resting certain players like Tim Duncan and Tony Parker or granting Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green less minutes would all be sensible coaching moves.

The Spurs have a championship in mind to win. Stay tuned for more NBA talk soon.

By India Santana | Contributor
Twitter: @_IndiaSantana