G0070297After endless years of traveling to Central America, I’ll let you in on a little secret …

El Salvador is a hidden gem; with the most magical right point break I’ve ever surfed or seen.

Travel is like knowledge; the more I see, the more I know I haven’t seen. With winter months approaching, my mind switches to searching for my next surf trip. In Jacksonville, the “endless summer” turns into the “endless winter.” As a Florida girl, I don’t adapt well to trading in my bikini for a wetsuit. This brings out my “travel bug,” the itch for winter break to come so I can escape the cold reality for a few weeks.

Truth is, everyone wants to be an “adventurer,” but not everyone wants to actually go the extra mile and discover the unknown. With the Internet, a simple search will pull up every popular surf break in Central America. It’s easy to go surf the dreamy waves professional surfers boast about, but not as easy to stumble upon un-crowded perfection.P1040221

In 2003, at 12-years old, I went to Costa Rica for the first time. Costa Rica was, and still is, seen as the “safest” place in Central America. I continued doing surf trips through Costa Rica for a few years, until surf breaks started to get what I like to call “Americanized.” While traveling around Costa Rica, surfers would talk about Nicaragua; a place yet to be “Americanized.” Many surfers still felt Nicaragua was risky to travel to. Within the past 10- years, Nicaragua has become the new Costa Rica. What I mean by this is Nicaragua is the new “hot spot” for surfers to travel to. No longer is it seen as risky, and 8 out of 10 college surfers you talk to are probably planning their next trip to Nicaragua.


Every country in Central America is beautiful in its own way. I’ve explored all over Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Nicaragua and El Salvador. You will find beauty and excitement everywhere, but I like uncharted destinations and going against the norm. There is a saying in my family, “The second a road gets paved to a surf spot, it’s time to explore to another location.”

My little secret is Mizata Point in El Salvador. My dad and I stumbled upon this break by making a few random left turns after spending hours driving and surfing down the coastline. We had the wave all to ourselves, with not a single person out.

9545127_origMizata Point is a peeling right point that leaves you speechless after every wave. When we first found Mizata Point 4 years ago, there was only one place to stay on the beach. Today, there are two places; but I can assure you that I’ve never surfed the point with more than eight people in the water. El Salvador claims the most right point breaks in Central America, and Mizata Point is hands down the best wave I’ve ever ridden. The locals are super friendly and the beach is pretty deserted.

Mizata Point was once my super secret spot, but it is now found on the Internet … As a surfer, I’m not stoked about that, but I still return to the break every Christmas to find it uncrowded. The wave of traveling surfers haven’t discovered this break yet, or simply don’t want to make the drive — it being one of the farthest breaks from the airport.

For this reason, this is my Christmas present to you. The wave will get you hooked, and make you always want to come back for more.


Where to Stay: Mizata Point Resort

Rooms are directly overlooking the point. The owners, George and Wendy, truly make you feel like family when staying.


What to fly: Copa Airlines or Spirit Airlines

Copa allows for two boards in a board bag for $75. If you are flying with surfboards, always choose Copa, due to the cheap board cost. Spirit is the cheapest flight if you want to fly a red eye.

Is it Safe?

The people in El Salvador are the friendliest people I’ve ever come across on my travels. I have never been scared for my safety. As always, it is important to take precautions.


If not renting a car, how do I get around?

“The Chicken Bus” is the local bus system that many travelers use.

with new friends on the chicken bus

My favorite spot in El Salvador besides Mizata Point?

KM 59, located 30 minutes east of Mizata Point, closer to La Libertad. The wave is more known, which means more crowds.