We know there are naysayers out there. What with their “Remember the good ol’ days of music?”, their “Kids would rather play video games than play music”, etc. We would listen to their complaints, it’s just… we’re having trouble hearing their pessimistic brooding, as it’s being drowned out by all the diverse and fantastic music currently being made here in the 904.

If you yourself haven’t heard, we’re here to hip you to the region’s (as Jonathan Richman might call them) modern sounds. There’s an abundance of innovative music being made in and around North Florida. Certainly it’s a lot to take in. But we invite you to start here each Monday.



On Tuesday, Woodard released the newest of her continued collaborative efforts with Brian Squillace (Sea Cycles), a track called “2093”. The song opens with Woodard announcing “I got high last night” and features the kind of ethereal soundscape we’ve come to expect from the duo, as well as a hook that includes references to “gettin’ money” and “takin’ selfies.” All things considered, the sum of “2093” is, like most of LANNDS complex tunes, eclipses its individual parts. It’s also one of LANNDS catchiest tunes to date!

-Matthew Shaw

The Young Step


The newest tune from St. Augustine sonic chameleons The Young Step, finds the group not only veering onto the exit ramp of that fun, pop-y, and unabashedly 80s sound, but careening down that metaphorical highway–perhaps in a a Ferrari Testarossa, perhaps with the sleeves of their pastel suit jackets pushed up past their elbows–at breakneck speed.

Matthew Shaw

Faze Wave

Into the Void: Office Music Series (full performance)

Last spring, the Faze Wavers dropped by the Void Mag offices for a stripped down, acoustic-ish performance of tracks from their ever-expanding catalogue, filling our space with some tasteful riffage and sweet, sweet harmonies. Click play to feel good about the direction of our local youth!

-Matthew Shaw

deadkaren“blah blah blah”

“blah blah blah”

Friends of melodic/post-emo-ish punk (and enemies to all title-case-font spellcheckers) deadkaren have released their debut six-songer and it’s pretty damn nice. “Written as happy music for sad kids” is deadkaren’s self-described sound/ethos and that’s pretty apt. Opener “Blah Blah Blah” sets the scene, with its four-on-floor beat and guitars leading in with chunking on a main hook that’s equal parts emo/later SY. 

-Daniel A. Brown