We know there are naysayers out there. What with their “Remember the good ol’ days of music?”, their “Kids would rather play video games than play music”, etc. We would listen to their complaints, it’s just… we’re having trouble hearing their pessimistic brooding, as it’s being drowned out by all the diverse and fantastic music currently being made here in the 904.

If you yourself haven’t heard, we’re here to hip you to the region’s (as Jonathan Richman might call them) modern sounds. There’s an abundance of innovative music being made in and around North Florida. Certainly it’s a lot to take in. But we invite you to start here each Monday.


Play it Local. Play it Loud!

We’ve been busying ourselves with fun music projects here at Void Mag HQ. And whether we’re looking for artists to invite in for our Into the Void: Office Music Series or culling tracks for the next iteration of Void on Vinyl, YouTube has been a fantastic source for sonic inspiration of the local variety.

Meanwhile, with our YouTube Channel, WatchVoid, we’re working to create a home base for those looking for a local and/or eclectic listening experience. Take a look, hit subscribe, and if so inclined, leave a comment on your faves. Our rules are simple: Play it Local. Play it Loud. (Just throw your headphones on if you’re at the office!)