Nicholas Edward Williams

“Happy Life”

“What’s mine is yours, and what’s yours is yours. If you have a happy wife, you’ve got a happy life,” preaches singer-songwriter Nicholas Edward Williams on the first release from the upcoming As I go Ramblin’. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, for fans of North Florida music the song’s silky vocal stylings and playful wordplay certainly will, as they belong to popular one-time Jax-resident and fave local folky formerly known as Whetherman.

Featuring some tasteful Doc Watson-inspired fingerpicking and a lyrical style reminiscent of John Prine’s early ’70s output (as well as some skillful whistling!), “Happy Life” is representative of a divergent musical direction for Williams.

“I’ve become a student again,” he says of his latest musical venture, which comes on the heels of eight studio albums under his previous moniker. “I’m absolutely fascinated with tracing American music back to its immigrant roots, and how these styles have woven the fabric of string music as we know it today.”

We’re intrigued!

Williams is in the midst of a kickstarter campaign to get his new project funded. Give “Happy Life” a listen below and click here to lend your support and ensure we hear more from Williams!

-Matthew Shaw


“Bring Me Back”

One of our favorite local multi-hyphenates, MC-Singer-DJ-Activist Geexella dropped by the office a few months ago to perform a few tunes from past projects, alongside producer and legendary local MC Willie Evans Jr. Click play below to hear “Bring Me Back” from 2016’s Gee Things, a standout track from the busy-busy-busy artist’s set.

-Matthew Shaw


“Stallone Ranger” & “Oscar Gone Wild”

In the greater field of the North Florida music scene, Giraffrica surely prowls wild territory. The St. Augustine trio is skilled purveyors at what could be called math-rock, or prog-metal; although decades ago it would simply be “progressive,” even “art rock.” However you want to describe it, the sound of Giraffrica dips into aggro rock, metal, jazz, and everything in between. But the band uses those styles as seeds to root up and outward into new forms.

With an average age of 31, the band—Miles McLean (guitar/vocals), Dylan Besley (bass guitar), and Christian Ward (drums)—serve up an impressive, aggressive style of odd-time signatures, unpredictable syncopated breaks, and unconventional chords and riffs that are at turns abrasive and spatial. 

St. Augustine photographer-videographer Justin Cooler, along with Matt Keene, filmed Giraffrica in full flight where the band puts two of their tunes, “Stallone Ranger” and “Oscar Gone Wild,” through the prog-iverse paces. Click play to get lost in the wilds.

-Daniel A. Brown