We know there are naysayers out there. What with their “Remember the good ol’ days of music?”, their “Kids would rather play video games than play music”, etc. We would listen to their complaints, it’s just… we’re having trouble hearing their pessimistic brooding, as it’s being drowned out by all the diverse and fantastic music currently being made here in the 904.

If you yourself haven’t heard, we’re here to hip you to the region’s (as Jonathan Richman might call them) modern sounds. There’s an abundance of innovative music being made in and around North Florida. Certainly it’s a lot to take in. But we invite you to start here each Monday.

“Carpe D.M.”
This video, made by Miami artist collective Vidium  is essentially a wildly entertaining 90-seconds of DeGreaser frontman Ben Katzman earnestly shredding his axe in a variety of South Florida (and a few CGI-engineered) locales. The song, from the group’s latest LP Quarter Life Crisis, is for all intents and purposes an instrumental track–the only vocals come compliments of a FaceTime conversation, in which Katzman is asked, “Dude, what’s up with your Instagram these days?” Certainly anyone engrossed in social media culture (see: everybody) will identify with Katzman’s response–“Dude, I don’t know, but lately my selfies get way more likes than my art. What’s up with that?” The song and video make for a fun and uniquely poignant approach to rock n’ roll; a genre that, as evidenced by band’s like DeGreaser, can still be relevant. If you like what you see, slide into DeGreaser’s DMs, here. Word is the band’ll be bringing its distinctive shred to North Florida in April. Click play to rock!
-Matthew Shaw

Into the Void: Office Music Series performance
A couple of months back Rania Woodardalong with keyboardist John Shannondropped by the Void office for a stripped down set of tunes from the LANNDS catalogue. A singular composer emerging among crop of Bedroom Pop artiststhe best of whom include Lannds, Yuno and Countach; artists who’ve emerged from domiciles in and around Northeast FloridaLannds’s profile is most certainly on the rise. Aside from playing a SXSW showcase last year, the twenty-something artist joined song of the summer composer and fellow rising, local electronic BR Pop composer Yuno for his first headlining show. Word is LANNDS is set to drop some new music and visuals this week. Peep the vid below and stay tuned.
-Matthew Shaw

DL is OK
“Wasting my Time”
Like much of DL is OK’s output, the St. Augustine-by-way of NYC singer-songwriter’s latest “Wasting my Time” sounds tailor made to be tucked into a boombox-cribbed mixtape among Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love,” Dire Straits’ “So Far Away,” and anything Tom Petty did between roughly 1985s Southern Accents and ‘94s Wildflowers. The song, about chasing down a dream, is well worth your time. Click play!
-Matthew Shaw 

Mr. Al Pete
“Ice Man”
Mr. Al Pete is all about community. Every Monday, the Jax-based Hip-hop artist, DJ, and longtime Void contributor hosts “Cubicle Mondays” on 92.7FM, interviewing local artists and exposing a regional audience to the area’s modern sounds. In his own music, while he admits that he’s somewhat of a witness and observer in this life, his latest and fifth full-length, Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood features stories that are wholly personal, intimate even, with themes and appeal that are equally universal. Over the course of the album’s nine-tracks, Al delivers a sonic memoir of his life. Give “Ice Man” a listen below.
-Daniel A. Brown