Channeling memories, empathy, and metaphors of life is not an easy feat.

Radical Face, also recognized as Ben Cooper, is a Jacksonville musician who has mastered the art of songwriting with folk and indie influences. He started here in Jacksonville with a local band until his music was featured on prime-time television shows and started appearing in hit movies.

Cooper’s, song We’re On Our Way was featured in the trailer for the motion picture Perks of Being A Wallflower (2012).

Cooper explains the thorough and unidentified process of creating and recording an album “I’ve been recording for “The Branches”. I am currently about halfway through the 16 songs I have planned, and these will make up both the second volume of “The Bastards” and the album itself. Whenever I start recording, the songs always take on sounds and directions I wasn’t quite expecting, but I’m glad. I like not knowing exactly where I will end up.”

The sound of Radical Face isn’t merely the sound of lyrical brilliance, but a combination of instrumental sounds created through different material.

“Been working with metal lately (the material, not the genre) and it’s been fun collecting those sounds for percussion,” Cooper stated.

The new album is looking to be completed in May and should be just as inspiring as the last, check out the newest music video of Radical Face.