While waiting for La Luz to go on at Burro Bar during their Cinco de Mayo party a couple of months ago, a band I’d never heard of called The Gun Hoes took the stage as more people crowded into one of Burro’s last big events before closing this July. Their intense and upbeat stage presence had the crowd immediately bouncing around, including myself. Needless to say, my interest was piqued, so I decided to find out a little more on this Miami-based trio. After the show, I caught up with them for a quick interview to discuss their band, where people can find their music and how shitty our current political situation is.

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Photo By Teajay Smith

Let’s start off by you guys just telling me a little about how you all met and formed The Gun Hoes.

Gabriel: Anthony and I met after high school. He was the only drummer I knew who wasn’t into bad hippie jam bands and bad emo bands, so it started with us two. Nico used to book shows around around Miami, and he booked us on a lot of our first shows. He heard that we were looking for a bass player, so he learned all the songs quickly, and it’s been easy peasy ever since.

Where’d the name come from?

Gabriel: I came up with it from the expression “gung ho.” We thought it would be funny to have the word “Hoe” in our name. We just did it for attention, honestly.

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Photo By Teajay Smith

Let’s talk about some of the inspiration behind your sound. Who influences you guys? What’re you listening to?

Gabriel: I don’t even know. I write songs that 15-year-old me would like. I’m really into melody, and I hate to admit this, but I think The Strokes played a big part in that. I’m also a huge Paul McCartney freak! Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of T. Rex and this really cool band from the ‘80s called Orange Juice.

Did people seem to like your sound when you guys first started playing, or did it take some time?

Gabriel: We started as a two-piece. I hated it. Maybe Anthony feels differently, but to me it just felt two-dimensional and stiff, but somehow it worked for that time. Things started to make more sense when Nico joined in. We definitely developed this really cool groove that we’re known for now.

If you were asked to put a genre label on The Gun Hoes, what would you call it?

Gabriel: It’s just pop music to me: verse, chorus, hook and melody.

So, why did you guys decide to form a band and make music?

Gabriel: I don’t know why we do it. It’s not easy, but it’s rewarding, and it helps us make friends. It just feels like we have to be performing music, it’s weird. I wish I hated music so I could focus on something more practical!

Got any upcoming music you’ll be releasing soon, and where can people find your music?

Gabriel: We’re just writing and recording for our next release right now. I think we’re about 35 percent there, and we’re taking our time with this next one, so it’ll probably be released early next year or sooner or something … I just don’t know right now. We’re going to be working on some music videos soon though. Our current music can found everywhere online honestly.

With the way things are panning out this election, where are you guys planning to move after November?

Gabriel: I’ll right here watching everything burn, baby.

If you could personally select anyone for prez this year, who would it be?