You want to see a newly released movie, but you don’t want to shell out the ungodly amount it costs in order to see it in a theater (and god forbid you also want popcorn and a soda). Then, you’re forced to wait an unknown amount of time until the film hits On Demand, Redbox or Netflix.

That wait time actually exists, it is 90 days after the movie’s release, but a major movie studio is changing the game and working to get movies into homes sooner.

Paramount Pictures signed a deal this week with AMC Entertainment theaters and Cineplex theaters to make new movies watchable from your living room only two weeks after the movie leaves theaters. If other theater chains, such as Regal, don’t sign the deal with Paramount, the studio said it will not release their films to those theater chains.

The deal begins In October with two horror films, “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension” and “Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.” If Paramount makes enough money with the early digital/DVD release of these films, then look for the movie studio to make it the norm for all their films in the future, thus, changing the movie industry immensely.

Movie studios could save massive amounts of cash flow if they are not forced to pay for two marketing schemes, one for the theatrical release, and one for the DVD release. The studios also think this new deal will cut down on their films being pirated online.

This might force movie theater chains to look at themselves more inwardly. An industry that has struggled to stay relevant in the last decade might find solace here. Much of that has to do with the Internet and On Demand, but their astronomical prices have also not helped fill up empty seats.