New month, who dis. February is the shortest month of the year, but it still managed to produce some dank memes. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Roll Safe (You can’t ____ if you don’t ____)

This meme centers around one thing — terrible logic. It quickly became the hottest meme on the internet once cash me ousside how bow dah sank into irrelevance. The actual character is a fictional rapper named Roll Safe. Over the summer, BBC Three uploaded a mini documentary on the Hood Documentary series to their YouTube channel, where the character points to his head and smiles. Eight months later, and the video has gained over 1 million views.

you cant if you dont meme 1

you cant if you dont meme 3

you cant if you dont meme 2

Brains Memes

These memes are simple, yet effective. You’ll understand them when you see them.

brains meme 1  brains meme 3

brains meme 2

Drew Scanlon Reaction (Surprised guy blinking)

This is a rare kind of meme in that it centers around a GIF, but it’s just as hilarious as a meme that’s just a photo (maybe even better). This meme can apply to almost any situation where someone is surprised or confused. The actual GIF comes from a GiantBomb video where the guy (whose name is Drew Scanlon) reacts when Jeff Gershman says “Farming with my hoe” while playing some game.

What in Tarnation

This meme is killing it right now. It’s very simple in that it’s just a play on words featuring the phrase “What in tarnation,” or really anything that rhymes with it. Yeah, who knows how this one began.

tarnation meme 1 tarnation meme 2 tarnation meme 3

Local Meme Roundup

The local meme accounts have also had a pretty good month.

“Leggings are not pants.” – Jesus (probably)

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