Following a hot and humid Friday training camp practice and around 50 autographs, Jacksonville Jaguars punter Bryan Anger spoke to Richard Miller about the NFL offseason, his second pro year and Twitter.


What’s the offseason like for an NFL punter?

This year was actually a little different. Last year, being a rookie, we went straight through the bowl game, East-West Shrine Game, combine. So this year, I took a little more time off than last year to rest the leg a little bit and mentally too. I took off until probably March and then started getting going, working out regularly probably three to four days a week. Kicked about three days a week, worked up to it coming into camp.


Can you simply practice punts by yourself?

There’s a park by my house. We can’t kick on our own fields with the new CBA rule. We have to find a park or somewhere to kick. I had Jeremy (Cain), our snapper, spend a few days with me. We’re kind of on our own, doing our own thing, which is kind of similar to what we do here. We’re on our own. We don’t really have a kicking coach.


After your rookie season, you were named to a number of all-rookie teams. How do you top that?

Just get better every day. There’s still a lot I can get better on. I was a little inconsistent at times last year. Trying to get that consistency down, improving drop and little things can be fixed.


Wednesday was the first day of full pads. Does that matter for a punter?

Not much. We don’t wear pads. Everyone else has to wear leg pads and stuff so wearing pants is about the same as wearing compression shorts. The pads will affect it a little bit, but we get so many punts in with pads on that it doesn’t change anything.


From what you’ve seen, how does rookie Ace Sanders look as a punt returner?

We see it on film with the whole special teams, and he is quick. It’ll be fun to watch him this year, both him and Denard (Robinson). We need an explosive player back there. Hopefully they fill that.


Kicker Josh Scobee is very popular on Twitter with over 22,000 followers. When will you start your own account?

I try to stay away from it.  I don’t know if I’m going to go there (be on Twitter).


What do Jaguar fans have to do to get you on Twitter?

I try to limit social media. Just with all the trouble that comes with it. Less to think about and less to worry about.




When it comes to golfing with Scobee, what would it take from you to beat him in a round?

A lot. Several years of training probably. He’s been going at it for awhile. I’m not quite there. I like to swing away and hit the ball far. In a couple of years, maybe.


How often do you wear your “Punters are people too!” shirt?

(Laughs) Probably a whole one time when I signed.


In 2012, you averaged 40.8 net yards per punt and had a long of 73. Do you have statistical goals for this season?

Just keeping it up there. I want to get my net a little higher. Last year, going into I think the last game, we were top-three. I had a couple returned on me so it dropped like a yard and a half. I think we finished with a 42.5 yard net. We would like to keep it close to that 43-yard range and be in the top-five or so of net. Yeah, get that net up a little bit, and it’ll be good.


Photos by Logan Bowles