Once again, it’s time for another highly scientific and 100 percent accurate study brought to you by Void. Instead of testing important topics like pizza and champagne, this time around, we’re testing beer. The experiment is simple. Get a range of beers and see if our loyal readers have the ability to decipher which beer is which. It is our hope that by doing this experiment, we can reach some sort of conclusion about the average drunkard’s palate when it comes to craft beer.


What we bought:

Lagers: Budweiser, PBR and Engine 15’s Jville

Ambers: Yuengling, Dos Equis Amber and Bell’s Amber Ale

The Test:

This blind taste test was conducted under excruciating scientific standards to ensure the outcome was honest — and by “excruciating scientific standards,” I mean we got three similar beers under two different styles, poured them into glasses and asked four Void readers to sample them. After all, we are doing important research here that the world needs to hear.


Drew Nearing:

Upon inspection and sampling, Drew correctly guessed both the Engine 15 Jville lager and the Bell’s Amber Ale, but mixed up the other two lagers and ambers. Not terrible.


Brittany Norris:

Brittany had similar results to Drew, correctly guessing both of the craft beers, but mixing up the Bud and PBR, and also the Yuengling and Dos Equis Amber.


Trace Horevitz:

There always has to be one person to fail miserably, and that’s totally fine, because we all ridiculed him at the time, and he still ended up winning because free beer was provided. Trace only guessed the Bell’s Amber correctly, netting one out of six beers.


Nick Notaro:

Nick, much like that one kid everyone hates for overachieving and ruining your shot at getting a big curve on your test, was the champion of this test. He got four out of six correct, only mixing up the Dos Equis and Bell’s.


Well, if this experiment proved one thing, it was that there is a pretty discernible difference between massively produced beers and smaller batch craft brews. While there were a multitude of factors that could’ve affected these results, it’s safe to say that when it comes to choosing beer, go with the good stuff. If you are going to drink some crappy beer though, whatever’s cheapest is probably your best bet … and you likely don’t GAF anyways. Cheers to good beer!