This blonde beauty was the perfect addition to our bamboo garden photo shoot. Read below to find out more about Natasha. You may fall in love.


– Age: 24

– City where you currently live?
Winter Park, Florida.

– Relationship status?
Very single.

– Would you rather bathe in diamonds or shower yourself in diamonds?
Bathe … a diamond shower sounds mildly dangerous.

– Man-bun or man with buns?
With buns, my hair ties should be mine only boys!

– Who’s your spirit-celebrity?
Nicole Richie!

– What goes through your head when you’re modeling?
Food … like deciding what I’m driving to pick up and inhale immediately the second I’m done

– He’s down on one knee and about to propose. Describe the ring.
BIG single diamond oval shape … ya know, nothing major … haha.

– What’s a goon to a goblin?
“Nothing” — Weezy 😉

– How do you feel about nude beaches?
Love ‘em. Every beach is a nude beach if you are brave enough!

– Would you date a guy with a real gold grill?
HAH. Oh noo … no.

– How many squats do you do in one day?
Hmm. To lie, or not to lie …

– Gold or silver?

– No air conditioning or no hair conditioning?
Gotta condition the hair!

– Diamonds are forever? Is that a question?
Duh … Yes they are forever, just maybe the people who gave them to you are not.

Special thanks to: Monahans Jewelers