This brunette bombshell loves her beer and isn’t afraid to get a little hay on her bikini.



City where you currently live
Miami Beach, Florida

Relationship status
Single … see editor’s note for number

Would you rather run from a jackalope or the police?
Jackalope … but I wouldn’t run because they are ADORABLE!

Man-bun or man with buns?
A man with buns who has a man-bun (say that 10 times fast).

Who’s your spirit celebrity?
Chuck Norris

What goes through your head when you’re modeling?
When is dinner?

Favorite sausage joke
Jokes about German sausage are the wurst … sorry if I sound like a brat!

What’s a goon to a goblin?

How do you feel about nude beaches?
If you got it … flaunt it!

Would you ever date a German sausage-maker?
Dream come true!

How many squats do you do in one day?
As many times as I go to the bathroom

What’s the würst thing that’s ever happened to you while drinking beer?
I had to wait for a refill.

No air conditioning or no hair conditioning?
Who needs either when you have beer? Beer keeps you cool and also makes your
hair nice and shiny (try it ladies).

Das Boot. Would you take the challenge?
Of course! I already do it every day to wash down my morning brat!


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