More than seven months ago, 71 percent of Florida’s voters voted in favor of medical marijuana, and subsequently, an immense struggle for lawmakers to make an agreement arose. But it seems moves are finally being made. On June 23 during a special meeting among state officials, Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill in order to push for the implementation of the constitutional amendment of medical marijuana.

Recently, a new medical marijuana treatment clinic opened right here in Jacksonville on Beach Blvd. (Trulieve). The medical marijuana treatment clinics of Florida currently only have six locations, with two in Miami, two in Tallahassee, one in St Petersburg and one here.

On the website for these clinics, people are able to learn which physicians work in each clinic, take a quick survey for medical marijuana qualification and decide on whether or not they would like to set up an appointment. There is an initial first appointment that is done online to assess medical marijuana needs, and from there, patients will go on to a consultation with a physician face-to-face. The first face-to-face appointment has a price of $299, where patients will receive their medical marijuana recommendation.

One of the many products Trulieve offers is a vaporizer with refillable cartridges. Image credit:

At the local clinic, patients are able to either meet with Dr. Joseph Dorn or P.A. Sasha Saidi. The two became passionate about alternative forms of medication after witnessing the way that narcotics and other traditional medications were affecting critically ill patients. The two professionals work collaboratively within the clinic to provide patients with a proper education on medical cannabis, as well as working together to thoroughly evaluate and treat each individual patient.

Though cannabis isn’t housed in the clinic, once patients qualify under the State of Florida criteria, they are given the opportunity to choose the recommended product(s) from the dispensary of their choice. With the expansion of Florida law, Jacksonville’s first dispensary is opening on Beach Boulevard and University Boulevard South. Therefore, qualified patients will find it easy to buy pills or vapors, unlike the leafy marijuana people tend to recreationally smoke.

To see some of the products Trulieve offers, you can see a full breakdown here.

*The above video is from a different Trulieve location in Florida.*