L.O.V.E. Culture – FLUIDITY

L.O.V.E. Culture is a local collective of young artists who came together to create a new project called FLUIDITY. The group is made up of Cheech Foreign, Rob Mari, EASY, Spirit and Flash the Samurai, while the album was produced by 1VARTS. FLUIDITY, despite preconceived notions about their young age, feels like a much more mature work, giving insight into Jacksonville cityscape and the culture surrounding our community. The 40-minute work is solid from start to finish, with a broad range of musical styles converging to make something amazing. If you’re looking to check out FLUIDITY yourself, visit L.O.V.E. Culture’s Soundcloud page and give it a listen.


MJ Baker – Feel Somethin’

Local MJbaker is one talented individual. Singer, songwriter, musician, poet and entrepreneur, MJ is a one-woman music machine, and her latest release Feel Somethin’, further solidifies her status as a local music influencer. On her new album, MJ is influenced by a wide array of music from soul to hip-hop and even jazz or rock. Now teamed up with her newly formed band, MJ’s new sound is something just about anyone can enjoy, regardless of music taste. Check out her Facebook page MJbaker Music to keep up with all of her events and new music releases. You can also hear some the new album on her Soundcloud page.


Plastic Pinks – El Animal

Miami-based Plastic Pinks are that good old kind of face-melting rock that makes you wanna shotgun a PBR tallboy and crush it against your skull … which always seems like a good idea at the time. The band is comprised of two brothers from Puerto Rico, Augie Pink (rhythm guitar/vocals) and June Summer (lead vocals), as well as Rod Woolf (lead guitar), Trevor Mustoe (drums) and Dane Giordano (bass). What makes this new release all the more worthy of your precious time is that some of the songs for the EP were mixed by Gordon Raphael, who produced The Strokes first two albums. Give their new EP a listen via their Soundcloud or Bandcamp.