The most wonderful time of the year is officially done with its first weekend, and it was a good one … for the most part.

The Good

The SEC:

Nobody expected South Carolina to make it past Duke. But they did — and in an impressive manner as well. The Dukies played hard like they usually do, but South Carolina just so happened to be able to keep up with them every step of the way. Kentucky has taken care of business as expected. They have a tough test against UCLA Friday night … and how ’bout them Gators? They destroyed Virginia 65-39 in the round of 32. If the Florida plays like they have been, they could easily see a Final Four in their future. For a long time, the SEC has been a conference people don’t take seriously. This year, fans have no choice but to take the SEC seriously. With Kentucky, Florida and South Carolina all in the Sweet 16, this conference is for real.

The Bad:


Really, Wildcats? Not only were y’all a No. 1 seed … Y’all were the No. 1 OVERALL seed. Nova lost to Wisconsin, who is no slouch by any means. But as the reigning National Champions with arguably a better team than last year, Villanova had no business losing their second game in the tournament. Oh also, Villanova, you’re jerks for ruining my bracket.

The Ugly:

Matthew Fisher-Davis:

The Vanderbilt junior tanked in the worst way possible. He made a mistake that probably ended up costing his team the game. With a one-point lead and only 14 seconds left, Fisher-Davis fouled Northwestern, sending them to the free throw line to easily win the game. All that can be said about this play is, “Really?” Here’s the play in all its ugliness.