Radical Face – SunnMoonnEclippse

Ben Cooper (or Radical Face as most know him) is perhaps one of the best success stories to come out of the local indie scene here in Jax. Cooper has just released this little EP, SunnMoonnEclippse, and the work is simply stunning. The three-track EP is another example of listening perfection by Cooper. This album is backed by a strong concept, and is best enjoyed via the visual medium Cooper created to coincide with the audio. On YouTube, you can find the 15-minute video backed by the album in a continuous loop, which is how it was intended to be heard. Take 15 minutes out of your day and watch this; the time spent will be worth it. Find it on iTunes or other outlets.


Jacob Hudson – It All Repeats

Local indie artist Jacob Hudson put out this new EP at the end of February. It All Repeats features Hudson’s elaborate guitar melodies, complex vocal arrangements and thought-provoking lyrics. The album focuses on taking an introspective view at the “tragic awareness of reality followed by timely moments of grand reflection.” The central theme revolves around the connections all humans face in the aftermath of tragic events, doing a splendid job of evoking powerful feelings. Find the album on Hudson’s Soundcloud or website at to check it out.


Fever Hands – Flying Saucers/Soup DJ 7″

Jacksonville-based Fever Hands are one of Infintesmal Records most intriguing groups, focusing on a raw and diverse sound that shows music can still be fun and just a little bit wild. Born from other regional bands like Memphibians, Giggle Giver, Echols, Beach Party, Stupid F**kin’ Time Vampires, and Tell Yer Children, the group is a hodgepodge of local musicians, but that just makes their sound all that more alluring. Purchase their debut 7-inch vinyl and you’ll get a handmade collage from “The Working Poor” collection, plus a high-quality download in the format of your choosing.