Marc Jacobs is a fascinating individual, and not just because of his coveted clothing and accessories.  His mysterious “I don’t give a F—!” attitude gives off an air of perilously sexy confidence.

I guess that’s why in recent years, he’s been working with Brooklyn tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, to adorn his body with everything from Spongebob to a red M&M and even his South Park character “Muscle Man Marc” complete with the actual tattoos Marc has on his body.

While some have questioned “Is he ok?”…  his ink seems to be an extension of his entire unorthodox mentality about life.

His nonconformist Spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection, really pushed the boundaries of what “spring” is.

The dresses, jackets, shorts and even accessories are something you’d expect to see in a post apocalyptic walk through a deserted metropolitan city, NOT a springtime walk in the park.

The colors are dark with lots of deep red and black to add to the dramatic looks.  Jacobs is at the point in his career where he can really take fashion risks without worrying about getting approval from editors, bloggers or even consumers.

And, once again, he pulls it off in true MJ form.  This season he says, “It’s more of a weird frat party, Burning Man, shores-of-Gotham City sort of beach scene. It’s a lovely nightmare, or it was for me anyway.”

And this, more interestingly: “I didn’t want the cliché of Spring and Summer, I wanted it to be about girls who have no problem coming to work in a Victorian gown and Birkenstocks.”

While the entire Spring 2014 seems out to lunch, it also makes one step beyond his or her ordinary way of thinking and examine a bigger, more stylish picture.  It seems that has been Marc’s goal all along.

In his interview below with Vogue it’s easy to connect with him as he talks about his love of working out, taking his dog for walks, his morning coffee and eating dinner with good friends.  Then, you snap back into reality and realize MJ isn’t your BFF but a true fashion mogul with a part time residence in Paris,  the creative director at Louis Vuitton and whose dinner guest happens to be Sophia Coppola.

It may put his tattoos or even his more recent collection into perspective for you.  Considering he wore a full length black Comme des Garcons sheer lace gown to a Met Gala last year, he prides himself on unconventionalism.  If there’s one thing most everyone can take from his ecentric ways, stop taking life so seriously!

Watch this 10 minute video and get into Marc’s brain to see what makes him tick.