A recent fishing trip took a surprising twist when the catch jumped in the boat, and the fisherman jumped out.

Comical as this reaction might appear, it is a reasonable one.  Joe Cermele of Field and Stream purports that marlin are among the most dangerous fish to catch.  That’s because of that sharp needle nose.

“While sharks may have a mouth full of teeth, those teeth don’t extend four feet out in front of their heads.” -Joe Cermele, Field and Stream

Aside from the angler’s quick escape, marlin mishaps are not entirely uncommon.  Just last year, a 600-pound black marlin jumped into a boat off the coast of Cairns, Australia.  In that instance, the marlin jumped back overboard without injuring anyone.

A remarkable incident occurred in 2008 when 13-year-old Stephen Schultz was sitting on the side of a fishing boat while fished off the coast of Pinas Bay, Panama.   Schultz hooked a marlin, which jumped out of the water and speared him in the mouth.  Amazingly, although the spear punctured his cheek and nasal cavity, he completely recovered.


A picture of Schultz’s injury from Animal Planet.

As scary as these experiences may sound, imagine how the fish feels.  He can look forward to finding himself here…

marlin moon