Remember music magazines? Your Spins. Your Rolling Stones. Your Sources and Creems (or was it Cream?). Prevailing wisdom would reckon rock publications peaked many, many moons ago.

As a print publication that covers music, this makes us quite sad. Certainly there is much in the way of cool music being made. There are many more stories to tell. And a literate audience willing to put their eyeballs on such stories!

So it was, with the launch of MAGGOT BRAIN, a new and gorgeous quarterly magazine from Third Man Records, that our hearts did flutter. Jam-packed with deft arts- and music-writing, stunning visuals, archival and rare photos, and stories worth telling, MAGGOT BRAIN is as good an argument as we’ve seen for the clarion call: Print is not dead! (And with no social media or website to speak of, MAGGOT BRAIN’s doubled down on the notion.)

The first three issues of MAGGOT BRAIN just landed in the Void shop and we’re confident you’ll find them worth picking up. The newest of the batch–winter 2021’s Issue #3–features the story of the “genesis and continued import” of the publication’s namesake, as Detroit music journo Ana Gavrilovska dishes on the Funkadelic masterpiece “Maggot Brain.” Rare photos of the Third Man frontman Jack White’s seminal band The White Stripes; a mini-roundtable discussion on gay rights pioneer Morris Knight and San Francisco’s  hippie queer activist pranksters the Cockettes;  and much, much more.

Here’s a rundown on issue #3 from the folks at Third Man Records:

• Dynamic photographs by Mike Galinsky from the late 1980s to early 1990s indie/underground music scene.
• RJ Smith dives deep on Fortune Records in a review of the ‘Mind Over Matter’ book.
• Murat Cem Mengüç documents the impromptu art show that sprung up around the White House at the start of the Black Lives Matter movement.
• Andy Beta on Brazilian composer, anthropologist, and musician Priscilla Ermel’s gorgeous work.
• Instagram sensation Tara Booth in an intimate interview with Amy Gillfeather.
• Joshua James Amberson goes deep on poet Lydia Tomkiw and her stunning new wave band Algebra Suicide.
• Michael Gonzales on 1990s neo-soul singer Ephraim Lewis.
• Robert Gordon on Memphis’ primitivist aesthete Tav Falco — an excerpt from the final chapter to ‘It Came From Memphis.’
You can purchase issues 1-3 via Void’s Web Store HERE or stop by our Friday Pop-Up shop at Void HQ (602 Shetter Ave, Jax Bch; 11am-6pm).