Years before mighty Afro-Cuban Salsa outfit LPT was Independent Music Award-winning Afro-Cuban Salsa outfit LPT, they were causing a monthly ruckus in the back room of popular Riverside watering hole Rain Dogs. Those shows–undeniably raucous, undeniably humid, questionably fire-code-compliant–cemented the group’s reputation as powerhouse performers.

There have been a few changes and developments in the years since those formative shows; most notably the band’s original bassist, Josué Cruz, taking over as the group’s lead vocalist. And though the stages have grown larger, thanks in large part to 2020’s Sin Parar–the full-length of original tunes that earned the group two Independent Music Awards nominations (one win) and an international audience the foundations of the 10-piece group remain in-tact.

And they haven’t forgotten their roots, preferring Riverside’s mighty Afro-Cuban salsa outfit above all other qualifiers. And a new music video bares that out.

As LPT prepared to enter the studio to record the follow-up to Sin Parar, the group decided to take a stroll down memory lane…er… Park StreetSet to the lively cha-cha-cha style “Afinao”, the visual is a one-shot celebration, sure to entice viewers to practice their basic in the event she or he encounters this funky ensemble on the streets of 5 Points.