When Riverside’s mighty Afro-Cuban Salsa band, LPT, stopped by the Void office on what was an otherwise fairly run-of-the-mill Friday afternoon, our staff here was primed. We were well aware that LPT, a “party band” that can flat-out play their asses off, had a reputation for goading even the most disinterested wallflowers out onto the dance floor. And for at least a few of us, little encouragement was needed. Specifically, our talented Sr. Designer, Kiara, whose family hails from Puerto Rico andlike the members of LPThas the rhythm of the clave wired into her DNA.

In this video, the first of our Into the Void: Office Music Series, eight members of the 10-piece bandfronted by Void Mag contributor Josué Cruzcame into our humble office space and tore through three songs of killer Latin-style music, combining the traditional with current flavors, as members of our staff (and Kiara’s parents) danced to the infectious rhythm.

Producer: Matthew Shaw
Film/Edit: John Massey
Sound/Mix: Glenn Van Dyke
Presented by: Hotel Palms http://thehotelpalms.com/