Mark Bachmann, founder and CEO of GrapeGuru, hopes to grab the attention of all wine lovers at One Spark 2015.

GrapeGuru is a developing smartphone app that will serve as a virtual wine consultant for users.

“People always know what kind of wine they like,” Bachmann said, “but they have a hard time describing what it tastes like.”

When consumers register for GrapeGuru, they are given a short set of questions to better define their personal flavor preferences. Then, the app makes suggestions for the consumer based on their location and its current inventory availability.

Once consumers are given suggestions, the app requests feedback on how the wine matched up against those same flavor preferences – “perfect match” “not enough” or “too much.”


Before GrapeGuru, Bachmann worked as a partner at a wine import company where he did the buying, selling and promoting of imported wines from Europe.

Bachmann’s love for wine and years of experience working as a wine consultant inspired him to create GrapeGuru.

“We want to share our love and knowledge about wine with others and guide wine drinkers in selecting the most suitable wine for their personal preference,” Bachmann said.

Aside from Bachmann, there are a few other members of the GrapeGuru team who are essential to the One Spark preparation process.

Interns Mahjuba Azizpour and Arnela Mulalic are marketing students at the University of North Florida and together have created a social media campaign for GrapeGuru that gained several followers in a little over three months.

GrapeGuru will be at this year’s One Spark festival as creator #21828 and will be located at the Jacksonville Landing.

One Spark attendees will be able to have their own flavor profiles created and will be able to take pictures in GrapeGuru’s custom made photo booth.

The creators are seeking $75,000 at One Spark for the coding and development of their evolving app, GrapeGuru.

The GrapeGuru team hopes to get attendees to register and create flavor profiles as well as earn votes and receive contributions to help with the development process.

“What Pandora is for music lovers, or is for the dating crowd, is what GrapeGuru is for wine drinkers,” Bachmann said.

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By: Cassandra Yorke