Not everyone is into the whole hearts and romance thing, but on Valentine’s Day, it sure seems that way. Don’t sit at home avoiding the cute couples: get out and enjoy one of these Valentine’s Day alternatives.

1. The Bitter Ball

95.1 WAPE has been sponsoring the Bitter Ball for 8 years now.  This year’s event will take place on February 13 at SUITE Jacksonville.  Christ Kirkpatrick of N’Sync is hosting.  Tickets are available on EventBrite.

2. BrokenHeartsVille

Maverick’s at The Landing is hosting the 8th annual BrokenHeartsVille event on V-Day itself, Saturday night.  Ribbons representing relationship status will be available at the door: Red means “No way, man,” Yellow means, “Try your luck,” and green means, “Ready to mingle!”  There are so many comments I could make here, but I’ll just give you the weblink and leave it at that.

3. Jerry Seinfeld at the Times-Union

I can’t think of anyone better to be snarky with about Valentine’s Day, or life in general, than Jerry Seinfeld.  Tickets are available at

4. Truffle Class at Sweet Pete’s

If you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, you might as well enjoy yourself and eat chocolate.  Sweet Pete’s truffle class is a two hour class that teaches basic chocolate techniques. Students learn tempering, shell molding and how to make a ganache filling. Each student leaves with approximately a half pound of truffles.  Dig in.  Reservations required. or 904-376-7161.

5. Mukti Celebration Fundraiser

You could opt to avoid bitterness and put some goodness out into the universe instead.  This fundraiser is sponsored by ReThreaded: Rethreaded, a Jacksonville non-profit, is breaking the cycle of the local and international sex trade (prostitution and human trafficking) by providing viable work opportunities for survivors. Rethreaded is hosting their 4th Annual Mukti Ball on Saturday, February 14th, 2015 from 6:30pm to 11:00pm, located at 220 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32204. Get tickets online at EventBrite.