Brad Domke of Sebastian, Fla. is known for blowing minds with his crazy skimboard antics.


In the past, Domke has made a name for himself as one of, if not the best, skim boarder in the world. He’s done this by not only winning competitions, but pushing the limits of the sport and doing things that no one has ever seen done on a skimboard, in some of the most dangerous waves in the world.

Domke has blended the two sports of surfing and skimming, showing shades of both in his style. In his latest video, similar to his popular videos of the past, Domke tackles Puerto Escondido, Mexico, a wave known for its huge barreling sand bars and dangerous surf. Not only does he grab his surfboard to snag some clips of tweaked out aerials and fun barrels, but blows people’s minds by doing it on a finless skimboard in well over-head waves.

Domke videos of the past have gained a lot of attention, but with this one showcasing his diverse skills in surfing and skimming, it has been popping up all over the internet since it was released. The seven-minute video is labeled Brad Domke, Lost and Found, Surf & Skim, and is a culmination of new and old clips from his travels to Mexico.

Spinning, flipping and standing tall in huge barreling waves is one thing, but to do it on a skimboard, without the stability of fins on a surfboard, is another altogether. Take a look here and see why this clip is making waves all over the extreme sports world, no pun intended.