Hair of the dog. Tomato juice. Gatorade. Greasy food. At some point in our lives, most of us have experienced the nauseating feelings associated (and the conundrum of what to do) with our hangover. With that, comes a thousand and one remedies from your best friend, your neighbor, your Grandma, or that one annoying coworker. With little scientific evidence on the litany of witches brews out there, it’s best to consult the professionals. Enter: Pure Hydration Spa. Pure Hydration is “Jacksonville’s premier IV hydration spa, offering customized IV vitamin infusions to support your performance, health, and wellness goals,” according to the company’s website.

IV hydration spas are all the rage in other cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York—which was exactly where owners Hannah and Spencer Wanderon got the idea.  “We were in New York for a wedding and had a 4am kind of night,” Hannah explains, euphemistically. The next day, we were really feeling it, they said, so they decided to give IV infusions a try, hoping it would give them the boost they needed to function for the day’s activities. The Wanderons couldn’t believe how replenished they felt after their session, and decided they could bring the concept home to Jacksonville Beach.

I was happy to accept an invitation to sample this holistic wizardry during Pure Hydration’s soft opening.

When I arrived for my appointment, Hannah Wanderon greeted me by name with a smile. The lobby was calm and inviting, painted soft colors and decorated with local artwork. The Wanderons took me on a quick tour of their facilities, which consisted of about four rooms, each equipped with a cozy sofa or chairs and a TV for Netflix and chilling as you hydrate. They explained that the larger rooms can be rented out for parties or groups, and I immediately imagined a post-bachelorette party group indulging in some IV administered relief. 

Pure Hydration offers several different IV infusions, and whatever you choose will be added to your standard fluid bag. These infusions consist of a variety of vitamins and medications. I had intended to choose the “Pure Party” hangover relief infusion, but since I didn’t actually drink the previous evening, I decided to skip the Zofran and Pepcid and go with “Fountain of Youth”, an anti-aging cocktail of B5, B-Complex, Vitamin C, and Glutathione. Honestly, I think any of the available infusions would offer relief of hangover symptoms, as an intense dose of hydrating fluids never hurts a hangover.

Photo courtesy of Pure Hydration

I made myself comfortable on the aqua vinyl sofa and tuned into an episode of Grace & Frankie on Netflix. After a few minutes, the on-staff RN came in, wheeling a cart-full of the latest technology in thermometers and blood pressure cuffs. I immediately recognized the cart from IKEA. After an exchange of pleasantries and several attempts to insert the needle into my left arm, the nurse gave up and tried my right arm. She hit the vein on the first try, and blood shot out of my arm like a cartoon. Luckily, I’m not the least bit bothered by blood or needles. I actually laughed out loud at the sight of blood shooting out of my arm, which I think made the nurse feel a little less nervous about it.

Photo Courtesy of Pure Hydration Spa

I lounged comfortably as a bagful of vitamins dripped its way into my bloodstream. About halfway through my treatment, I noticed an intense feeling of relaxation and mental clarity. After 45 minutes, the nurse returned to remove the IV from my arm. She bandaged me up and sent me on my way. I immediately looked in the mirror and saw a noticeable difference in the clarity and plumpness of my skin. I definitely felt hydrated and had no signs of fatigue whatsoever. At $100 or so per treatment, it may not be an everyday fix for most, but it is definitely worth treating yourself to an infusion once in a while.